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  • Technical Description: For carrying out construction-craft works
  • Facility: Factory and training center for wood processing and furniture
  • Floors: P + 0
  • Business: nr-woodwork
  • Location: Str. Naim Dreshaj nr. 15, 31010 Vrellë, Istog, Kosovë
  • Investor: “Getrinke Vrella” Sh.P.K

More info:


The property is located in the center of Vrella and has a very good position in Sylë Dreshaj street, while access to the pedestrian property is from the street Naim Dreshaj nr.1.
The wide area of the center where the property is located is bordered by the connecting highway Istog, Peja, and Klina.

Access to infrastructure and public services is very good.
The building is designed as a ground floor construction and consists of space the main production and ancillary annexes, warehouses for collection and wood drying, training and lecture hall and auxiliary paces, and administrative in service of production.
The total gross area is 1,490.18 m2 gross (including space for vacation-apartment) divided according to spaces:

  • Production space, 872.44 m2 gross
  • Warehouse space for wood collection and drying, 292.43 m2 gross
  • Lecture room 165.00 m2
  • Dress room 85.00 m2
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